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of the European Society for Paedriatic Gastronentology, Hepatology and Nutrition

Welcome to the 50th Annual Meeting

10-13 May 2017 · Prague · Czech Republic
International Conference Centre

Come and join us on Saturday, 13 May, for a very special lecture organized by the Young ESPGHAN Committee!

Saturday, 13 May, 14:30 - 18:00h at the Congress Center Prague

Human factors awareness in critical working environments - Improving safety and efficacy in clinical care - Lessons from a flying doctor!

Marck Haerkens, MD, PhD, surgeon-pilot, founder

This interactive session will highlight the relevance of Human Factors for the paediatric environment and provide practical insight for daily operations.

The presenter:

As a Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) pilot-physician Marck  Haerkens gained operational expertise in both Clinical and Deployment Medicine (trauma surgeon and HEMSphysician) and Military Aviation (AH-64D apache attack helicopter). The combined experience allowed him to appreciate the parallels between two safety critical professional domains.

The content:

To err is human. As a result everything that a human being devises, uses, or does is
prone to error and failure. In critical working environments, errors can have a major
impact on process effectiveness and safety.
Human Factors (HF), also known as ergonomics, uses scientific methods to better
understand human behaviour in relation to organizational and task factors. The aim is to improve system performance and prevent accidental harm, thus impacting quality as well as safety.
In aviation, the HF awareness program entitled ‘Crew Resource Management’ (CRM) was introduced in 1979 for aircrew after a series of accidents in which HF were found to be the root cause. Following the implementation of CRM, a dramatic decrease in events led to CRM becoming the present day aviation operational standard. Meanwhile other safetycritical domains where multi-disciplinary team performance is key (such as healthcare, military units, fire departments) have started to adopt CRM-principles. One Wings of Care CRM-project was awarded the National Health Inspectorate’s Patient Safety Award in 2013.

Please note:

  • The participation is complimentary for all ESPGHAN participants
  • No pre-registration is required.